Why Zown

Why Zown

Top quality

Sturdiness and Durability

Exceptional impact resistance, thereby extending the furniture’s service life and optimising the return on investment.

Sturdy furniture with a high load-bearing capacity.

UV-protected and water-repellent. Ideal for outdoor use.

Designed and manufactured for frequent assembly and disassembly.

We’ve done what you should never do

Convenient for Professionals and Users

Lightweight and easy to handle, thereby minimising physical effort and optimising assembly times.

Easy to transport and store. Ideal for businesses where space saving is needed.

Wide range of models for all kinds of users and spaces.

Manufactured with materials that are easy to clean and disinfect.

Wooden tables or Zown tables?

Invest in Cost-Effective Furniture

We believe that all investments in a business should be cost-effective. Our furniture’s return on investment is its durability.

We compared the impact resistance of our new ZOWN XL180 table to an inexpensive table from an off-brand competitor. Slide the arrows left and right to check out the different results of the tests.

Impact resistance test

Zown table
Asian competitor's table
Zown table
Asian competitor's table

Structural strength test

Zown table
Asian competitor's table

The Tester: The Challenge

We set out to compare the impact resistance of our tables with that of our Asian competitors’ tables. To perform the test, we hired the toughest guy we’ve ever met.

Check out the result

Certified Quality

European standards for which Zown products have been subject to testing by independent laboratories.

EN 581-1
EN 581-2
EN 581-3
EN 15372
EN 16139
EN 16121

Zown complies with European standards for furniture for professional use. Specifically for chairs and tables for public and domestic use. Also for storage trolleys for public use. Certificates guaranteeing safety, sturdiness and durability.


UNE EN ISO 4892-3

Test that confirms that, following prolonged exposure to intense light (1,500 h), Zown furniture does not undergo changes in colour, shine or surface defects of any kind such as chalking, blistering, cracking, peeling, etc.


UNE EN 12722

Test that assesses the surface’s resistance to dry heat for 20 minutes at 120 ºC. It obtained the highest classification, as no change was detected on the surface.


It analyses the degree of presence of different chemical components that could affect health, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or heavy metals. Zown furniture passes this test satisfactorily.


UNE EN ISO 9227:2017

According to the criteria of the furniture standard UNE 11022-1:1992.

The New Zown Classic furniture’s metal frame passes the test after 500 hours of salt spray.

This is how we test our products. ⟶

In-House Manufacturing

We manufacture our own products, so we have full control over quality throughout the entire process.

BSCI Members

Quality and Environmental Responsibility

Occupational Health and Safety

The factory is equipped with more than 30 HDPE blow-moulding machines, 12 polypropylene injection-moulding machines, a steel tube production line and several steel tube and sheet processing lines. It also has more than 40 digital welding robots and 4 powder-coating painting lines.

All this facilitates the production of more than 500 (40ft) containers per month.

Zown Warranty

A limited warranty of five or ten years applies to those products where indicated. For the remainder of the products, the European legal warranty of
2/3 years.

Product covered by a two-year limited warranty (if purchased before January 1, 2022) or a three-year limited warranty (if purchased thereafter).

Tel.: +34 93 453 66 00


Roger de For, 95 Barcelona (Spain)

Tel.: +34 93 453 66 00


Roger de For, 95 Barcelona (Spain)