The Premium Collection


The Premium Collection

Traditionally, folding furniture for professional use was designed solely with its purpose in mind, whilst overlooking aesthetics. This furniture was often used covered with table linen to hide the product.

In 2015, we launched The Zown Premium Collection with the aim of offering a functional product, but also with a very refined, elegant and simple aesthetic appearance. Furniture that can be used without the need for covers.

We manufacture durability

Our products have a very long service life and are highly impact resistant. For this purpose, we only use 100% pure high density polyethylene (first generation) without mixing it with other plastic polymers of uncontrollable origin that make the product much more brittle.

Thus, our furniture stands out for its long useful life, which reduces its environmental impact and improves the profitability of your business. In addition, both the structure and the envelope are recyclable.

Security for the user.

Safety for the user and your peace of mind as a professional are key factors for us.

In this respect, all our products are tested by external laboratories according to European standards by one of the following tests:

581-1/581-2/581-3/15372/16139/16121. On each product page you can find the test passed.

Create shapes by connecting tables.

Our tables have a longitudinal and transversal joint system that offers the possibility of creating multiple and varied configurations.

By joining tables lengthwise, widthwise, connecting them with corner tables… you can arrange the tables to create the shapes that best suit each event.

Comfort, Above All Else

We think about the well-being of the users. All our tables are designed to be enjoyed comfortably even at the head of the table.

To offer greater comfort to users of the Premium Collection tables, they were designed with a height that is 2 cm taller (reaching 76.2 cm) than the most common tables on the market (74.3 cm).

Colour With Character: Warm Grey.

In the development process for The Zown Premium Collection, we chose awarm and balanced colour: warm grey, which can be adapted to different settings and lend character to The Premium Collection, setting it apart.

Effective, gentle-handling blocker

In a folding table it is essential that it remains firm when in the position of use. It is also key to prevent unintentional folding. For this purpose, we have designed a safe and very gentle to use blocker.

Refined Aesthetic Appearance

The Premium Collection’s furniture can be used without the need for table linen thanks to the elegance of its square legs and bevelled table top.

High Load-Bearing Capacity

Our tables have a solid metal frame and a high density of vaults on the underside of the table top, which gives them a high load-bearing capacity.

For example, the round table with a diameter of 183 cm can withstand an evenly distributed load of up to 500 kg for 24 h.

Invisible studs.

For this collection, and looking for the aesthetic improvement, we have designed a plug that is inserted inside the tube of the leg.

Special plugs for delicate floors.

For the chairs we have designed blocks that maximise the contact surface with the floor, to prevent the chair from leaving marks on delicate floors such as parquet.

Seamless Table Joining

Rectangular tables from other manufacturers often have very rounded corners to simplify production. When the tables are joined together, the gap between them is visible and unattractive.

ZOWN’s rectangular tables, on the other hand, are designed with angled (short radius) corners, using a more demanding production process, in order to minimise the gap between the tables when joining them.

Optional Height Adjustment

Table legs in The Zown Premium Collection are designed to accommodate optional height adjusters (+13 mm, +40 mm).

Tel.: +34 93 453 66 00

Roger de For, 95 Barcelona (Spain)

Tel.: +34 93 453 66 00

Roger de For, 95 Barcelona (Spain)