Folding Furniture
for Professional Use


Multiple configurations


Comfort and ergonomics


Lightweight furniture


Sturdiness and durability

Folding furniture you can rely on

If you are an event organiser, you need heavy-duty folding furniture that fulfils the following criteria:

  • Lightweight for easy transport.
  • Capacity to withstand impact and weight.
  • Easy to assemble, clean and disassemble.
  • Comfortable for users.

This is the furniture for events and public buildings that we manufacture at Zown.
Our goal is to offer you hard-wearing multi-purpose furniture.
It is our way of helping you to make your banquet, event, meeting or conference a success.

+25 Years’


We manufactured the first folding furniture in 1994. Today we ship our products to more than 80 countries worldwide.

100% HDPE

With No Blends.

We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing furniture with a very long service life, thereby reducing your environmental impact and improving the ROI for your business.

100% Recyclable


At the end of the product’s life, all the materials (HDPE, PP and steel) can be easily separated and recycled.



We trust the quality of our furniture so much that we offer a warranty of up to ten years.


The Premium Collection

A unique and exclusive collection.
So gorgeous and comfortable it can be used without textile covers.

The Textile Collection

A wide range of custom-designed chair and table covers to dress Zown furniture.
Available in a wide range of styles and colours.

The New Zown Classic Collection

We set out to outdo ourselves again and the outcome was the creation of The New Zown Classic Collection.
A veritable revolution in the professional folding furniture industry.

Systems that adapt to your space.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the event venue is. What’s important is that everything is a good fit. That’s why we have a range of products to suit your needs at Zown: choose your system according to the table width.

Zown Product Range

Events and news

The Tester: The Challenge

Nos propusimos comparar la resistencia a los impactos de nuestra nueva mesa ZOWN XL180 respecto a una mesa barata de un competidor sin marca. Para realizar la prueba contratamos al tipo más duro que hemos conocido nunca.

Zown Room Planner

Design your event in the easiest and most convenient manner with Zown Room Planner. Personalise your space as often as you wish, with the table and chair layout that best suits your events.

Fit the furniture with Zown covers in different colours and styles, and add tableware so that your clients can picture the full composition.

Tel.: +34 93 453 66 00

Roger de For, 95 Barcelona (Spain)

Tel.: +34 93 453 66 00

Roger de For, 95 Barcelona (Spain)