The NEW ZOWN CLASSIC COLLECTION features aesthetic, technical and ergonomic improvements and is manufactured in a new shark grey colour that replaces the traditional light grey.


ZOWN CLASSIC Collection består af letvægts sammenklappelige møbler til professionelt brug ved måder og events, samt i hotel- og catering branchen. Afprøvet driftsikkerhed.


Den nye ZOWN PREMIUM Collection består af lette sammenklappelige møbler for professionel brug ved møder og events, samt i hotel og catering branchen. Revolutionerende design og komfort.


Stort udvalg af betræk for borde og stole, designet specielt for Zown Classic møbler.

L120 New Zown Classic



New and very smooth manual locking mecha-nism. Includes automatic sliding rings.
Ergonomic. Comfortable for those seated at the end of the table.
Ltrolley available for 20 tables. See page 35.
Capacity: 4 persons. Area per person: 24”.
Integrated foot pads.

Tekniske detaljer

9,4 Kg / 8,70 lb

Anbefalet maksimal belastning:
250 Kg / 500 lb

L121,9 x W61 x H74,3 cm / L4 x W24,02 x H29,25 inch

435-Technical Sheet.pdf

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